About Me - Désirée Ciofi
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I design ideas

You can call me Desy, nice to meet you! I was born on 25/03/1993 and I still play with Pokémon Yellow.

I’m a curious girl, with the passion for the magical World Wide Web and I like to experiment and challenge myself.

For that reason, I spent a year in Rome for a stage as a web designer, where I could make some experiences and gain more skills using WordPress and designing a website.

After that, I moved back home in Tuscany and I started my adventure with Officina 31 where I’m learning UX/UI designs. Thanks to Officina 31 I had the opportunity to study the basic of UX/UI design and to increase my skills with lots of programs (like Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop and Figma).

Thanks to them I also had the possibility to study other aspects of my work like animation (with Framer X and After Effects), see how a developer thinks with notions of React and X code and how to use Photoshop for photo retouching.

And what about now? It’s time for a new adventure! At present, I’m working with ThinkingAbout in Perugia, an independent digital creative studio, where I’m challenging myself every day with different projects and applications of what I learned during my past experience.

Personal Skills


Adaptability and flexibility




Do you like stories? I have some here for you!