And believe me, it only gets better! - Désirée Ciofi
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And believe me, it only gets better!

Portfolio, Project, UX/UI design
About This Project

Do you want to see my latest projects? Yes of course! But why just watch if you can start browsing it?


Here Glamora!


Glamora is positioning itself as a leading brand in the world of Made in Italy Bespoke wallcoverings solutions.
This is the first project I’ve made with ThinkingAbout. For me, it was a challenge because Glamora has, as particularity, a complex approach of the collocations and the products, for me and the agency was important to preserve the integrity and the policy of the brand.



The CSS Design Awards.

Website Of The Day

UI Design Award

UX Design Award

Innovation Design Award



Then Society Limonta,


e-commerce for dress up your home with luxury products crafted with passion and care. The particularity of Society Limonta is the care into creating infinite combinations of materials and colors for the bedroom, the dining table, and the bathroom. And that was, actually, also the difficult part of the project. With the numerous combination of materials and colors, it was fundamental to have a detailed filter to complete the user experience.


At least, but not least Boffi|De Padova


Boffi | De Padova group is composed by Boffi, De Padova, MA/U Studio, ADL e Time & Style ēdition. For this project, I worked to the ideation and realization of a proposal, in the first place, and then at the realization of the UX of the actual web site with interaction and gesture ad hoc.